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MSG Anthony Cogdill

MSG Anthony Cogdill served 39yrs 5months and 7days. OIF/OEF 2003-2004.

Afghanistan 2011 Medevac'd home in September with multiple neck injuries received in early August while training. MSG hid his injuries from his unit because he didn't want to leave his soldiers behind. Eventually they saw him having difficulties with simple things and it was determined he was hiding his injuries he received weeks earlier.

He came home and had surgery to repair 3 vertebrae in his neck. Weeks later, still declining, he returned to the surgeon and was referred to a neurologist. After a process of elimination he was diagnosed with ALS. (Lou Gehrigs disease).

He was determined to make every day count. He said "I will go and do until I can't do anymore".

His positive attitude never wavered. A hero is a person who in the opinion of others, has performed a heroic act or has heroic qualities & is regarded as a model or ideal soldier. I can't think of a better definition for this man. Although he would always tell you "I'm nothing special I'm just doing my job."

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