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CPL Barton R. Humlhanz

Barton HumlhanzBart joined the Marines because of 9/11/2001. Bart's Marines nicknamed him "Hanz" because most of them couldn't pronounce his last name of Humlhanz. Our family always ended any visit or call with Bart with "we love you, we miss you and we are so proud of you. Always remembered and always faithful...Semper Fidelis.

My son Bart was born on 2/26/1981 and wanted to join the military since the age of 3 after attending his uncle's Army bootcamp graduation. Bart chose the Marine Corps after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 and joined with his top pick of military police officer.

Bart received two meritorious promotions and was Marine of the Quarter at Camp Lejeune during his service time.

Bart's first deployment to Iraq was 12/25/02 and his second deployment to Iraq was 7/4/04. Bart was requested by name for several special ops missions and was killed on 8/26/04 in Babil Provence during a security mission.

Bart's family loves him, we miss him and we are so very proud of him.