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TSGT Cody Ball

Tsgt Cody William Ball was our only son and grew up to be a wonderful man. We are very proud of him. He was a sweet brother to his sister, he was a great husband and a super hero dad to his children. Cody was an avid animal lover, especially dogs.

Cody served 13.5 years in the USAF, living his dream since he was a small boy. He was a great leader and mentor to his troops.

Cody was considered the "engine God" on base and his troops would ask "what would Ball do" when working on engines, because he was the go-to guy. Cody treasured his Mazda RX7 and was always tinkering on it.

Cody has the kindest heart and the most beautiful smile. We all miss him terribly, he was the light of our lives.

Cody Ball