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Sgt. Corey Dan

14 years ago you took that step
You left to fight a war
Every young soldier your new battle buddy
I smiled and sent you off
So proud of who you were becoming
A few months later we got that call
The one every family dreads
You weren't coming to home to us
Not how we all had hoped
14 years later here we are
Still recalling the times we had
Teaching your son all about who you were
He's your spitting image
His smile, his laugh, the little things he does
We know you sit above
Watching him grow, helping him on the hard days
Oh how 14 years later we still miss you so!!!

Austin and I love and miss you so much!

He was a very loving father to a son Austin who he loved more than anything in this world. He loved his job. He will forever be our hero!

Corey Dan