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Lt. Frank Walkup IV

Frankie was all about serving his country. He never met a stranger. He was always such a brave child. At the age of 6 weeks old, he had to have brain surgery - he pulled through that with no problems. Then at he age of 16 months, we found out that he was very sick with a blood disorder - Aplastic Anemia - he was so very sick and the doctors at St. Judes Children's Hospital did not give him a very good survival rate. But in true Frankie form...and to the doctors' amazement, he did! That was Frankie...he shined in everything he did.

He was the top of his class in Jr. ROTC and then in high school ROTC. He had a full ride to UT Knoxville/ROTC program - top of his class. He loved to learn and he would grasp hold of all he could to get him to the top.

Didn't surprise me at all when he said the was going to be a Ranger, if he said he was going to do something, he was! He excelled at whatever he did. He was so proud to serve his country. He was an amazing child.

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