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Captain Howard R. Cody

Howard CodyDaddy was a pilot. He loved to fly, especially C130s and B26s-The bigger, the better. He loved to fly air shows.

He had so many diverse interests too. He owned a Model A Ford in New York that he had painted light lemon yellow. He used to drive us around with us kids in the jump seat, sitting on a big cardboard box.

When we lived in Florida, he bought a dune buggy. We loved flying over the dunes before it was illegal. We all screamed and laughed.

He also tried bottling his own beer in the bathtub and stored them in the washroom. One day all the caps popped off.

He made us eat frogs' legs for dinner.

Daddy was all about the experience and I'm sorry I didn't realize this until I got too old. I should have been living for him. Taking the chances he didn't get to.

I've missed him so much. This November 24 will be 60 years since his disappearance and it's as hard today as it was when I was so much younger.