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LCPL Isaac Callisto Scott

Our hero- US Marine LCPL Isaac Callisto Scott

In a few words:

  • His sister’s best friend, confidant, and partner in crime.
  • His little brothers hero, video game partner, Lego building buddy and book reading partner.
  • His Dad’s hero, they could converse about anything gun related for days, and even as a young man would shadow his Dad when home.
  • To his Mom, my first born love, the one I dreamt of and prayed for. The apple of my eye, my protector and helper. He will always live on in my heart, always.
  • He was a walking encyclopedia for anything Star Wars and Marvel.
  • Funny, great at imitating accents, lit up a room when he walked in, loving, caring and when he looked at you with those big, puppy, brown, twinkling eyes he’d melt your heart along with that sweet smile, you couldn’t help but love him.
Isaac Callisto Scott