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SSGT John Dobler

My husband John and I met in high school at band camp. 10 years later, we reconnected when I was graduating college and he was deploying to Afghanistan.

We were married for 3 years when our son was born and John was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. John passed after a 2 year battle with cancer.

John was so courageous and brave in his journey toward death. I miss his smile, the way he would wink at me, how he would tell Noah, love you buddy, and just his attitude. I feel very humbled and blessed that as hard as it was to take care of him and my son, I was able to walk him home.

Noah is now 10. He loves firetrucks, pokemon and plays soccer and basketball. Every day we think of John and honor his memory by trying to make memories and new adventures.

Going through this led me to pursue my counseling degree and I currently work in intensive outpatient therapy counseling active duty military members who have PTSD or have tried to commit suicide. I was pulled out of my darkness and I feel called to help others.

John Dobler