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LCPL Jonathan Gierke

Jonathan proudly served his country in the short time he was in. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2021, where he attended Marine Corps Recruit Training in Parris Island, SC; Marine Combat Training in Camp Lejeune; and Basic Landing Support Specialist Course in Camp Lejeune. His ultimate duty station was assigned to 2nd Marine Logistics Group, also in Camp Lejeune.

Jonathan said he always knew he wanted to do something special and meaningful with his life. Due to the military influence surrounding him, I think he felt it was sort of a calling. He was always so disciplined & had great military bearing, we knew that aspect of the military would be easy. Whenever he would write home while in Marine Corps Recruit Training, he always made it sound like it really wasn’t as hard as everyone made it out to be.

Tough, disciplined, well behaved, & had a quirky sense of humor, but no matter where he went, he was sure to make friends. Jonathan enjoyed working out, gaming, music, guitar and drums.

JOnathan Gierke