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Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson

Our youngest son, Joshua Kaleb, was an incredible man. He was a son, younger brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend to many, and Mechanical Engineer, Officer, HERO!!

Joshua was murdered by a Saudi Terrorist aboard NAS Pensacola. My son was Officer on Deck, unarmed. Joshua Kaleb was shot six times but it took the shooter coming back three times and shooting him, and Kaleb still made it outside to find first responders. He gave them vital information, uniform, description, weapon being used and last known location.

Our son saved many lives that day while sacrificing himself. After being shot in the leg the first initial shot, he would have lived if he had just stayed down but he knew he had to get help for his brothers and sisters in uniform.

The light in our hearts has gone out and can never burn again without our son.

Joshua Kaleb Watson