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SSGT. Nathaniel McMillan

Zachary BolandNathan was one of the most loving and selfless people. He loved to pour himself into the lives of those around him and those he served with.

One thing so many remember is his hugs! There was nothing like a Nathan hug!

He was blessed to be the father to four beautiful girls and treated his wife Carie like a Queen. Most of all he loved his Lord and Savior, Jesus, and lived his life in such a way that would lead others to know Jesus too. In the Marines this was a challenge but that was his aim.

He loved serving in the Marine Corps. He fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and did his duties well until his time was abruptly ended with medical complications which ultimately took his life. It took his Battalion Commander telling him he needed to take care of himself now for him to accept his time with the Marines had come to an end.

He is missed every single day and celebrated by the many he left behind.