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SPC Ray Ramirez

Today, we remember and honor the life of Ray, an amazing son, loving brother, a competitive athlete, and a patriot who served our country with honor. Ten years ago he made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and his memory continues to touch our hearts and inspire us to live with courage and selflessness.

His positive vibes always brought joy to those around him, and his impact on our local community was significant.

But as much as Ray Ray was loved by everyone, he held a special place in the hearts of his sister Aryanna and I. His absence is still felt deeply, but his legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched during his time with us.

Ray Ray's service to our country was a testament to his unwavering commitment to protect and serve others. Every day, we think of him and the sacrifices he made, and we are grateful for the example he set for us all.

Ray Ramirez