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Maj. General Robert Worley

He was the father of 5 and a loving husband. Age 48 at time of death.

Fighter pilot in WW2 also; shot down over North Africa, found way back to unit, wounded. Career spanned 28 years.

A native of southern CA-Riverside. Was 10 days away from new assignment in Hawaii at PACAF. Left behind also a brother, sister, mom, dad (my aunt, uncle, grandparents.) I was 25 when he died, my brother, the youngest, was 12. We also belong to an organization called Sons/Daughters in Touch specifically for children of fathers lost in Vietnam.

My brother became a graduate of the Air Force Academy in 1978, and retired as a Major General also, now works for the VA.

We’ve been Gold Star kids for some years now-our mom died in 2011. We find much comfort in an organization that knows how we feel, has experienced same losses and is a wonderful source of support.

Thank you. Sue Cadell (née Worley)

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