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TSGT Roy Jones

T/SGT Jones was the flight engineer on a B34 Bomber based at Charleston USAAF Base, South Carolina which was on an anti submarine combat patrol mission #29 assigned to the 116th Anti-Submarine Squadron on 27/Feb/1943. He and his fellow crew members departed Charleston at approx 1100 hrs flying in a southern direction. At approx 1300 hrs their aircraft lost their navigation equipment. Because of poor visibility they were unable to identify their position and flew until they were forced to bail out of their aircraft off the coast of Georgia. Three crew members perished and three were later rescued by a commercial U.S. vessel. The search for the missing men was called off on 8/March/1943.

T/Sgt Jones was married with a 4 month old son when he lost his life. He is still listed as MIA.

Roy Jones