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PO2 Samuel A. Elliott

Samuel was a high achiever, anything he did it was done with his whole heart and loved helping people. All his teachers from kindergarten on had said what a blessing it was to have such a bright intelligent young man in their class. He became a CTT and made sure to score the highest in class so he could choose his duty station. He loved getting awards and ultimately wanted to become an officer in the Navy. He had the honor of being on Amazon Primes Jack Ryan season 3 when they came out to Rota, Spain. He also was an extra in the new Top Gun when he had schooling in Virginia.

Samuel loved to game. On any given night from five years old on you would catch him playing World of Warcraft, or any other game he could play with his buddies. That was his release away from day to day stressors. He was an old soul and loved music from the 50s. Mainly he loved songs that was about how the boy got the girl, or love songs. He had a weird sense of humor in movies..dont watch nothing he suggest lol.

Samuel Elliott