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Cpt. Sara Knutson Cullen

Sara was a fun loving young woman. She was smart, pretty, and she had a hilariously goofy laugh. Her smile could light up a room and she had a beautiful singing voice. She was as comfortable in stilettos as she was in camping gear. And she never finished a meal without dessert.

When she was stationed in Alaska, she embraced the cold and the outdoors and she loved to go snowboarding, ice fishing, and camping. Of course, her favorite thing about Alaska was meeting Chris Cullen whom she married in November 2012.

My favorite memory is carrying the laundry upstairs when she was in high school. She was always singing in her room and I just had to stop outside her closed door and listen. Eventually I’d just slide down the wall, sit on the floor and get lost in the music. We miss her every second of every day.

Sara Knutson Cullen