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ENFN Skylar Jackson

Skylar was loved by many and he touched the lives of everyone he met. His kindness, compassion and empathy for others was unmatched.

In 2020, Sky decided to join the United States Navy, following in the footsteps of his maternal grandfather, “Grump”. He excelled in boot camp receiving 3 Bravo Zulus and was assigned to ACU-1 in Coronado after finishing A School in Great Lakes.

He loved being stationed in California with ACU-1 but he was most excited about exploring the world. His greatest wish was to visit Japan. Sadly, he never made it as his accident was shortly before he was to be deployed out to the Pacific.

He loved life and had so much he was looking forward to. He wanted to make a difference and he always wanted to be a part of the military.

Skylar Jackson