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E5 Stephen Goodman

E5 Stephen GoodmanI became a Gold Star mom 15 years ago. I'm still exploring what a Gold Star Family is. I have honored my son many times plus discovered T.A.P.S.

I got to remember how Stephen lived the Army creed and how proud that I was of him. To hear from him and listen to his stories of what he did. Stand Tall Stand Proud is on his headstone; he lived it.

He enjoyed being in the Army. He saved a soldier's life plus a prisoner's life during his service.

At his memorial service at Ft. Drum they said that SSG Stephen J Goodman was a badass soldier, one that couldn't be replaced--that he was one of a kind. That when they asked to do do something he said, yes sir I'll do that when some people may have thought it out before saying yes. Stephen said it was his job.

He was a very humble person. He left no man behind. He showed that every day in the service. They loved Stephen.

Stephen left a big hole in the Army. Everyone that met Stephen loved him and praised him for doing his job. Stephen just said its my job; that's what I signed up for. Stephen was going to make the Army his life. When he retired he was going into the F.B.I. While he was studying he went to F.B.I school and they told him that when he left the Army he had a spot with them. Stephen impressed them with his skills and knowledge.

I miss my son everyday. I loved him. I was so very proud of my son. Yes, he was one of a kind. I sometimes wish I could have 5 minutes more just to hear him once more say I LOVE YA MOM. I would say I LOVE YOU MORE SON then I got a big bear hug with a kiss on my cheek. I miss that.