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SGT Warren A. Murphy

Warren entered the Army after H.S. in 1994, served in Germany, was part of Peace Keeping UN Forces in Macedonia, completed service in the US before joining the LA National Guard after finishing his Army commitment. He had just completed the requirements for advancement to Sgt before departing for reactivation to the Army to participate in Iraqi Freedom.

Sgt Warren A. Murphy and his team: 1st Class Sgt Kurt Commeaux, Sgt Christopher Babin, Sgt Bradley Bergeron, Sgt Armand Frickey, Sgt Huey Fassbender, and Sgt Kenneth Vonron were together in their vehicle on a road in Iraq. On January 6th, 2005 an insurgeant detonated an IED under their tank. All were killed and the 6 Lousiana men from the LA Natl Guard unit from Houma known as the "Black Sheep" returned home to Belle Chasse NAS base on Janurry 12th. These young men had trained at Fort Hood and in the CA desert in 2004; deployed and arrived in November 2004 in Iraq.

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