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PO1 William Lowry

We lost Will just 6 weeks after his beautiful wife Whitney gave birth to their first child, Connor. I live every day to honor his memory and hope to live up to the high standards and ideals he lived by. Every day is a challenge due to that permanent empty chair but he would demand we go on and live the best life possible. Not everyone in life gets to meet their hero. I was blessed to have raised mine.

Will was a highly decorated Sailor. He scored a 98 on the ASVAB. He was the honor grad for A School for Sonar Techs. He served aboard the USS Chafee for over 4 years. On his last deployment in 2017, the Chafee suffered a total casualty of the Array, the antenna that allowed Sonar to function. Without it, they were blind to what was below. It was unspooling with no way to stop it or retrieve it. According to his commanders, he devised a process to retrieve it and it worked affording the ship to return to Pearl Harbor solo. Had it unspooled totally, that $6.5 million piece of equipment would have been lost at sea. Now every ship in the Navy has a manual with that procedure and Will's name on the cover. The Navy so honored him by naming the Winch Room aboard the Chafee in his honor.

A-School Honor Grad for Sonar Techs. 3-time Jr. Sailor of Quarter for Strike Group. 2017 Jr. Sailor of the Year. Anti Terrorism Team. USS Chafee DDG 90 named the Winch Room in Will's honor for his rescue of the Multi Function Array. Dedicated and loving husband to Whitney and newborn son Connor. His Dad's hero!

William Lowry