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Bryan Casey, Board Member

Bryan CaseyBryan Casey is a Board Member for the Woody Williams Foundation.

He has spent his life in business finance after graduating from the University of South Florida. From a young age, entrepreneurship has been in Bryan’s blood. He has held several positions where he has been directly responsible for the day to day operations as large as 41 million dollars annually. This experience has prepared him for his oversight role within the Foundation.

In 2009 Bryan started his most current endeavor – a diversified health care holdings company which has grown from 100K annually to its now present 15M annual endeavor. In this time he has been able to diversify the holdings of this company to include skilled nursing, adult day care, transportation, home health care, and hospice. This diversification is thought to be instrumental to the company’s successful growth. 

Bryan has a wife and 5 children and resides in Coolville, Ohio.