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Ground broken for Gold Star Family Memorial

Apr 5 2024
Allen Scott | Dakota News Now

Aberdeen SD Gold Star Families Memorial Monument groundbreaking signage

ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Several dignitaries showed up for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Gold Star Family Memorial in Anderson Park.

A Gold Star Family is one that has lost a member in combat serving our country. Tim Timmerman is a board member of the local chapter of this national group and tells how this planned memorial came together.

Tim said, “In 2022, we kind of started the ball rolling slowly. We saw the first monument in Sturgis and we were like, ‘Let’s get this started in ‘23.’ We kind of got our ducks in a row, got everything ready, and by the end of ‘23, we were fundraising. And now we’re at the point to where we can actually break ground and get the foundation stuff put in.”

The project is still ongoing, but Tim wanted to acknowledge the support the memorial has received, including a bequeathment.

“She donated a large amount to us,” said Tim. “The contractors have been absolutely amazing. They are donating, if not a good chunk of their labor, some, all of their labor. That’s kind of what’s been able to get us to where we are at today.”

Gold Star Family spokesperson Darrell Schnaidt, speaking on behalf of his sister, Angie, and brother Curt, with a note of emotion, talked about their decreased brother, Ron, and why Gold Star Family memorials are important.

Darrell exclaimed, “If anybody’s ever been to a war, and seen the sacrifices that these people have made, and then you come home and some people don’t come home. Their sacrifice, that family, is sacrificed just as hard as theirs.”

It was a very pleasant ceremony to get things started, groundbreaking, if you will, for the Gold Star Family Memorial to be erected in Anderson Park.