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Gold Star Family Monument Unveiled in Lawton, Oklahoma: A Tribute to Sacrifice

Jan 31 2024
Ebenezer Mensah | BNN Breaking

On a chilly Wednesday morning, the city of Lawton, Oklahoma, bore witness to the unveiling of a monument that echoed the solemn silence of profound gratitude and remembrance. The new Gold Star Family Monument at Elmer Thomas Park was officially unveiled, paying tribute to local Gold Star Families who have lost a loved one while serving in the U.S. defense forces.

A Three-Year Journey to Commemoration

The unveiling of this monument marks the culmination of an arduous three-year fundraising campaign. A small group of dedicated individuals undertook this initiative, with their relentless efforts gathering over $30,000. This public act of recognition and respect towards the families of the fallen soldiers was not merely a local endeavor. It was a community-driven testament to the enduring spirit of unity and shared sacrifice that resonates across the nation.

A Place of Reflection for Gold Star Families

The monument, unlike other forms of commemoration such as named highways or buildings, offers a dedicated space for Gold Star Families. It provides them with a specific place to sit, reflect, and remember their loved ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This was underscored by Honorary Committee Member, Brenda Spencer-Ragland, who highlighted the lack of such a place for these families.

The unveiling ceremony was an event that reverberated with respect and remembrance. The ceremony featured remarks from Garrison Commander Colonel Peay, whose words echoed the deep appreciation and respect for the soldiers and their families. A poignant performance of the National Anthem by the 77th Army Band punctuated the solemnity of the occasion, reminding attendees of the shared pride and sacrifice that binds the Gold Star Families and the nation together.