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Lexington Gold Star Memorial plans move forward

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Apr 21 2023
Ali Graham | WSLS

“We’ve only really been on this endeavor about a month, month and a half and already got approval, already have a significant amount of donations,” Jaden Keuhner, a junior at Washington and Lee said. “It’s moving really quickly and we’re really excited.”

The Lexington Gold Star Memorial is one step closer to being a reality thanks to Keuhner, who, despite a busy college schedule, donates his free time to raising money for the cause.

“Last night we actually got our approval for our desired location at Jordan’s Point,” Keuhner said. “It seemed like the entire city council was on board.”

The park is next to the Maury River and is considered a perfect spot to remember two hometown heroes – Chase Prasnicki and Andrew Ross – both killed in the line of duty.

“It means the world to us to be able to honor all gold star families but also these two families that we know are in our midst that have lost their sons,” David Sigler, a member of Lexington City Council said.

With military ties in the community and easy accessibility off Route 11, the hope is that it will become a destination for people traveling through the region.

“I think it works really well for what Lexington and citizens believe in this area,” Sigler said.

And a recent donation of 30-thousand dollars advances that goal.

“It was moving along slowly but surely but then as soon as we got that, we’re like holy ... We’re halfway there,” Keuhner said. “I can’t wait to see how quickly we get it accomplished.”

Click here to donate to the Lexington Gold Star Memorial.