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Last living WWII Medal of Honor recipient comes to Lubbock to honor Gold Star families

Aug 12 2021
Katie Gray | Everything Lubbock

LUBBOCK, Texas — World War II Metal of Honor recipient Corporal Wood Williams traveled to West Texas to pay his respects to fallen heroes and their families by placing three floral wreaths at the West Texas Regional Monument of Courage.

“When we were placing the wreaths at the Gold Star monument here in Lubbock, I could see and feel that same closeness, that same love of country and love of each other and of community,” Cpl. Williams said.

The monument was created to honor 12 Medal of Honor recipients, Purple Heart recipients and Gold Star families from across West Texas.

Cpl. Williams is the last living WWII Medal of Honor recipient. Williams won his medal of honor in Iwo Jima after bravely running into battle to stop enemy attacks. Williams said the medal stands more for those who didn’t return from the battlefield.

“Receiving the Medal of Honor in 1945, I didn’t realize at the time then the impact it was going to have on my life,” Williams said. “I didn’t realize what others had done to even make it possible for me to receive the Medal of Honor.”

Cpl. Williams has dedicated his life to advocating for education and honoring our fallen heroes. While he has a list of admirable accomplishments, he carries it with a sense of humility.

“I’ve always said and continue to say: I owe back more than I can ever possibly give,” Williams said.